Stuart France's circuits published in Caves and Caving, Issue 42, 1988


First Firefly slave unit manufactured by Nigel Jennings and Peter Bolt. Trading as Firefly Electronics.


Dave Gibson published his circuit in the BCRA - CREG journal. Available as a DIY kit. See site2.caves.org.uk/flash


Simple bulb-firer circuit published in CREG journal.

1994 "RALF" slave unit with additional features published in CREG journal. See site2.caves.org.uk/flash


Firefly 2 launched.The Firefly 2 and BF1 are based on Dave Gibson's circuit.

1996 Dave Gibson's "De-luxe" bulb-firer design published in the CREG journal.
1998 Richard Rushton's adaptation of Dave Gibson's "De-luxe" bulb-firer circuit published.
1999 BF1 Bulb Slave lauched at BCRA conference.
2005 Firefly 3 for digital cameras launched.