Firefly Electronics is a specialist electronics company based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. We manufacture and sell the Firefly2 and Firefly3 ultra-sensitive photographic Slave Units. These compact units are designed for triggering flashguns or flashbulbs remotely and work by detecting the brief pulse of infra-red radiation which is produced when a flashgun goes off. They were originally developed for cave photography and are far more sensitive than most other slave units. Unlike many cheap radio slaves these units will work "around corners" and have hot shoe adaptors for ease of connection to a wide variety of flashguns.

Firefly slave units are suitable for all types of photography - in the studio, outdoors as well as in caves.

The Firefly 3 is our latest design for use with digital cameras.

Please note our new address.

  Firefly2 Slave Unit
The original Firefly slave unit for cave photography!

  Massive £20 price reduction!  
Firefly 3 Slave Unit for digital cameras
This slave unit is designed for use with digital cameras that produce multiple flashes before taking a picture (pre-flashes).
Last Updated: 28th December 2018